Celebrating Administrative Professionals Month

IMG_0422-2A senior living community has many moving parts and pieces, from nutrition to nursing to activities to housekeeping. All departments are essential in creating a successful, healthy place to live and work, but what, or who rather, is bringing them all together to make it possible?

April is Administrative Professionals Appreciation Month, and we’re taking time to celebrate these vital team members who we affectionately refer to as “the glue.” They’re the ones whose behind-the-scenes work between various departments helps hold everything together.

Spotlight: Jo McClure

For 16 years, Jo McClure, administrative assistant to director of health services, has been more than just a friendly face who greets visitors and family members.

“When I first started here, I only had a few responsibilities, so I was going a little stir crazy,” said Jo. “Little by little I took on more responsibilities, and I do so much more now, which I love. I do all Medicare Part A and B billing, and contracts for PATH and health care. Then of course there are traditional duties like answering the phone and greeting visitors who come to the desk.”

While Jo’s days are always busy, she admits she thrives on a full workload.

“My days are always so hectic, and always changing, but that’s when I thrive,” said Jo. “I’m a problem solver, and am always asked to help various departments. I’m happy to help. When someone’s not sure the answer to a question, they say, ‘Go ask Jo! She’ll know!’ I like being a team mascot of sorts. If one part of team has a problem and I can help, I will. They would do the same for me. I wouldn’t work anywhere else!”

Jo’s favorite part of her job is getting to know the residents and their families, and the most challenging aspect of her position is trying to avoid overload.

“I love greeting the families and getting to know them on personal level. I really enjoy meeting and talking with them. That’s probably the best thing. I also like having the freedom to get my tasks done without someone always looking over my shoulder. I’m trusted to get it done, and I do. It’s worked great for the past 16 years!,” said Jo. “Of course, there are challenges though. I have a lot to get done and I don’t like to leave any work for the next day, so I try to be as efficient as possible. I try not to fry my brain!”

When Jo isn’t at work, she enjoys being with her three cats and watching sports. She also enjoys walking, hiking and trying her luck at the casino every once in awhile. She’s been to Hawaii several times, and has a passion for travel.

We’re grateful for Jo, and all of our administrative professionals who hold us all together and make it possible. Their behind-the-scenes dedication is to be commended, and helps make our community a wonderful place to live and work.