Meet Chelsea Watgen

ChelseaWatgen.jpg-2With a background in music therapy, it might seem surprising that Chelsea Watgen has stepped into the role of Director of Sales and Marketing at Topeka Presbyterian Manor, but it’s not a surprising career move for her.

“I’ve been here less than two months, but I love my job! I can’t imagine being happier anywhere else. I have a degree in music therapy from the University of Kansas and I’ve worked as a music therapist/life enrichment coordinator at other assisted living and long-term care communities. This position opened, and I wanted to expand my experience. I’m so glad I did!” said Chelsea.

Chelsea loves having the opportunity to help others and to be an advocate for seniors to show them that life can still be fun, even if they’re needing a little extra help. When she’s not spending time with her Topeka Presbyterian Manor family, she enjoys spending time with her family at home.

“I am a family girl through and through. I love hanging out with my husband, Collin, and dog Ellie Mae, a basset hound. We are both musical, and my husband teaches band in Lawrence, so you can find us at performances around town. My favorite thing, though, is honestly hanging out with both of our immediate families for dinner and games and laughter and fun!”