Savor the flavor of eating right

shutterstock_227550832By Nicole Douglas, dietitian, Topeka Presbyterian Manor

The nutrition team at Topeka Presbyterian Manor is gearing up for National Nutrition Month and will be promoting “Savor the Flavor of Eating Right.” Each week of March a new topic will be explored.

Week One will be all about “Plant Power.” The dietary department will be increasing vegetarian options on the menu at breakfast and lunch and offering two vegetable options instead of a starch/vegetable. During Week Two we’ll explore “Reducing Red Meat” and one red meat entrée will be taken off of the menu and substituted with a different protein option.

Week Three will be all about “Whole Grains” and additional whole grains will be added to the menu in different ways. Week Four will be dedicated to “Herbs and Spices” where residents will taste some new dishes and learn about local herbs and spices around the area.

Residents will also be able to participate in fun activities where they can test their knowledge from the month and win fun prizes. Even the employees will have a chance to get involved by completing nutrition worksheets and trivia throughout the month of March and have a chance to win prizes.